Julia’s sketch of Mont Saint Victoire from Le Tholenet

Julia’s sketch of Mont Saint Victoire from Le Tholenet

PROVENCE, FRANCE May 21 - May 31

Provence is SOLD OUT!

From Cezanne’s Mountain to Vincent’s Olive Groves

Experience the startling beauty and sensual delight of Provence, France as we follow in the footsteps of two iconic painters over 11 days/10 nights.

We will journey and paint from the poppy fields flanking Mt Saint Victoire and the stunning adjacent city of Aix, with it’s ‘1000 fountains’ to the hill towns of the Luberon, the olive groves in front of Les Apilles mountains, and the hospital and room where Vincent Van Gogh painted the fields day after day in St Remy. We will seek out the town market days with their colorful flowers, aromatic herbs, and bountiful local produce. We’ll immerse ourselves in- and respond through- our drawing and painting to the unforgettable landscape of Cezanne and Van Gogh’s Provence.

 Aix-en-Provence 4 nights Noves/St. Remy 6 nights

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Island Watercolor Intensive: Abstracting Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

Poised on the edges of earth and the sea, the artists of Star Island witness the ever-changing skies and daily sun arcing up and over the vast horizon line. The clarity of light and form out on the island encourages a letting go of visual clutter. We witness daily an underlying abstraction of shape, color, pattern and light.

In this workshop we will work with principles of abstraction while allowing close observation of visual phenomenon to guide us.  We will explore the paradox that in order to find the form of something you first have to lose it. Rather than being limited by the need to represent or illustrate a scene, we will endeavor to express it.

The practice of art helps us to integrate our experiences, make meaning, and nourish the imagination. As our week draws to a close, we'll make space to contemplate a creative project that we would like to give our attention to during the coming months. Guest artist, Holly Wren Spaulding, will guide the process with thoughtful prompts and a manifesto exercise.

Julia Morgan, Shack on Star, Watercolor

Julia Morgan, Shack on Star, Watercolor


TAOS, NEW MEXICO March 29 - April 4, 2020

The Faraway Nearby: Art and Writing at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House

Georgia OKeeffe, Ghost Ranch Cliffs

Georgia OKeeffe, Ghost Ranch Cliffs

Participant Drawings and Watercolors

Journey to Taos to paint, draw, explore and write with a group of artists interested in deepening their vision and skills. Stay at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan House, a place where artists and writers have been gathering and creating for nearly a century, and dine on their out-of-this-world delicious food. Explore Abiquiu, painting at Ghost Ranch, touring Georgia Okeeffe’s home and studio, and discovering the White Place where OKeeffe painted some of her iconic works. Artist Julia Morgan will teach watercolor and drawing techniques that free your intuition while enlisting serendipity and contemplation. We’ll create handmade watercolor books that tell the story of our adventures and visions; from sagebrush and pickup trucks, to unworldly blue skies and billowing clouds, red mesas along the horizon, and the color of adobe in sun. Writing coach Janine Robinson will guide group writing-sessions that explore writing techniques for self-reflection and personal expression through storytelling and voice. All levels of art and writing experience are welcome and foster supportive learning from each other.


Julia has been teaching art travel workshops in Egypt, India, France, New Mexico and New England to rave reviews since 2011.  It is not just about technique, it’s learning to SEE color, form and light. And it’s about centering yourself and listening to your inner artist.

What workshoppers had to say about Julia: 

"Warm, ebullient, loves her profession and generous with passing on skills- brings out the the positive in others and their skills.'"

"She really knew how to support many levels simultaneously of projects and skill-building that met the range of interest and needs."

"Fabulous instructor!"

"I am so impressed and grateful for Julia's thoughtful and inspired teaching."

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